Monday, April 16, 2007

So much for the Party

Went out on Saturday night to farewell our lovely (sadly blogless) Charmaine who is off to the United Arab Emirates for three years (!!) for work. I had the kidwranglers all lined up it was the night in the middle of our FAB exhibition so I should have been having a great time with the gals BUT.....

.....I was feeling very, very cold at the restaurant, you know - fluey, bone aching cold. So I left early and by the time I got home, I was full on shaking and teeth chattering and couldn't get warm. By Sunday morning I was incoherent with pain behind my ribs and still (I think) slightly delirious with fever. Today I was at the doctors and to cut a long story short after blood tests and a chest xray it looks like I have pneumonia. (!!) Who wouldda thunk it?? I'm feeling much much better now but pneumonia? It seems so kinda 20th century- or something.

About to embark on lotsa new knitting since the exhibition is OVER!!!! Woo Hoo!!!