Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sometimes it's hard...

When your four month old wants to wake up every two hours at night! Recently I have thought that was a very bad idea to have three children - and then there are days when this kinda thing happens:

They're so cute! If I do say so myself!

Dishcloths + crochet. Yep Piglottie, I am dabbbling with the dark arts (crochet!) I've made one knitted and three crocheted dishcloths. I'm using and loving Lion Brand Cotton in the bathroom. I still can't bring myself to use them in the kitchen! My crochet has improved my first crochet attempt (top left) was very wonky and not a square at all it kept getting bigger and smaller with each row, then I tried spiral (top left) - Yep liked that! then I tried backwards and forwards again (bottom right) Much better!! I prefer the crochet texture to the knitted one (bottom left)

Kim - Your package is on its way as of yesterday morning - a couple of days late I know but better late than never!! I wonder which of these is for you??!! lol