Monday, October 02, 2006

International Scarf Exchange

A DAY OF DOING NOTHING!!! A PUBLIC HOLIDAY!! JT IS OFF WORK!! WHAT BLISS - I can surf, blog, knit and even palm off the odd nappy change. I'm happy happy happy!!

Alright - This is where I admit that I forgot to post to the ISE blog last month to let them all know that I'm on my way!! In Aussie speak this would be known as 'dragging the chain' - You know like slowed down by your convict ball and chain. It's worse because as a hostess I'm supposed to be setting an example (Sorry Iris you can cross me off your list of slowcoaches now!)

I guess having a three month old baby, two toddlers, a house to renovate and sell and a tribe of fifty odd scarf exchangers to check up on has got in the way. But enough excuses here's a shot of the progress:

It's Noro Silk Garden and at the moment I'm trying out my new found crochet skills. I'm not sure if that is what I'll go with but I'm underway. Also crochet takes more yarn and I may not have enough but never fear I'll get there.

AND A BELATED MESSAGE TO THE SECRET SCARF PAL KNITTING FOR ME: It's great to know you are lurking on my blog occasionally, It's a shame I can't return you anonymous comments but I'm glad you seem to be having fun knitting and reading. Cheers Sharon aka Stripey