Friday, September 08, 2006

International Scarf Exchange

WOW!! I've been a busy chook! Hardly had a chance to check my bloglines or anything 'normal' for the last few days.

The International Scarf Exchange has taken up all my time!! Iris (sadly blogless) and I have been helping Celia and Cynthia out with the hostessing. Its great!! So many fab blogs, so many happy campers (so to speak!) BUT LOADS AND LOADS of emails, posting questionnaires to the group blog and other admin stuff. My hat goes off AS ALWAYS to people who organise the HUGE (or even small) swaps + etc. This is very time consuming and I am only looking after a quarter of the whole swap!!

Concequently there has been very little time for photos of knitting and infact little time for knitting but I am doing a tiny bit. I've begin a new wrap in Karbella Gossamer, a lovely Bronzey colour, dishcloths galore. I am managing to crochet after intensive tips from Ailsa, Donni and Becky at Every Second Tuesday knitting . Now, I can crochet in a square!! (As opposed to the trapezoid or rhombus I was managing earlier in the week!!lol)

I've also discovered IM/chat - call me slow but Oh man!! How cool is it??!! It does have it's drawbacks tho. I was trying to IM Celia and Cynthia about the scarf exchange while breastfeeding Bronte and reading Milly a Milly Molly Mandy story - too funny! Milly was not impressed. You shoudl see me type one handed while I'm feeding Bronte - I'm a demon but reading a story at the same time - nup too hard! lol!! Lets hear it for the The Information Age!!

Anyway ALL my girls are napping at last I LOVE IT when that happens!!! So i'm going to have a cuppa and crochet!!