Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dishcloth Fever + High Tea

Check it out!! It's Crochet!!

Kim you can look all you like cause this one is definately not coming your way! It's my first ever crochet thing - aside from edgings that is. I'm so proud!! It's all kinda wonky at the edges but it works, it's actually lovely to wash my face with! It's Lion Cotton ( thanks Rox) made all of trebles with a 4mm hook. God knows if that's English or US trebles!! How much does that do your head in!! There should be an International Knitting and Crochet Standardisation Bureau (lol) or something. Here 'tis in situ. Yep its' actually wet. BTW I used your soap Piglottie - It was Heaven!!!

Oh and just back from the big smoke! I met Donni, Ailsa, Donna, Meg and Taryn (links later) at High Tea at the Victoria Room in Darlinghurst, Sydney. It was tres chic!! Except WAY TOO DARK FOR MUCH KNITTING. Loved the cakes, sandwiches, tea, scones + etc. soo yum. Here's Donna, Taryn and Donni with baby Bronte, she only got boob juice- no tea for her for a couple of years.... It was great meeting you Taryn and Meg.

happy knitting all - must go feed baby - after being an angel all day she's finally lost it!