Monday, August 07, 2006

Who is a lucky girl then??

Well me - oh and Bronte! Look at all the goodies that have made their way to our house recently. In no particular order there are:

Two very special books in celebration of another bub to knit for. From my wonderful cyber buddy Blueadt. (You know you are a special gal Blue! Thankyou.)

The lovely and blogless Zena (who lurks and doesn't comment-hint hint) made this very special little girl from one of Zoe Mellor's clever books. She looks just like Jemima from Playschool. She's for Bronte but do you think I can keep the big girls away from her? Thnks Zena she's just georgeous!

Jade, one of my lovely Tribe gals sent the parcel you see below. It arrived at the end of July for my birthday which is in the middle of August (yep sooon) She's a special chicken, always so thoughtful! Fabric, cookbook, note cards and the tiny teeniest candles + candlestick holder you have ever seen. Thanks Jade

I've been very spoilt! I just hope that I manage to return the favour one day. Big hugs everyone. :-) Stripey