Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One Skein Experiment

About a fortnight ago I did a post about my lovely One Skein Secret Pal Piglottie's last parcel. On that same day as I received my final parcel I mailed off the last parcel to my one skein pal. You might remember the spiral rib bag that I made for her: Boy that was a fun short knit.

Well after I knit that, I had a little Silk Garden leftover so I decided to knit up a swatch and felt it to see what happens. This is the result:

It was very hard to felt. It took loads of elbow grease and didn't end up very even but I added some buttons from my vintage button bottle and made it into a drink coaster. It looks pretty bad in this picture but while it's not the most brilliantly successful object it is better in real life.

So along with a pile of other goodies it was sent off in my 'reveal parcel' to my One Skein Pal, Pam (who doesn't have a blog to link to) in North Carolina. Hi Pam - hope you liked the parcel and thanks for being such a friendly Secret Pal.

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