Thursday, July 20, 2006

Clapotis #2

Yesterday when I saw Ailsa she was wearing her Clapotis (She knitted her first ahead of the craze - it should be known.) Then she said: "Ha - I'm wearing a clapotis and knitting a clapotis." (She's on to her third!) and I thought a moment then realised "Me Too! I'm wearing a clap and knitting a clap.. " There's just so many of them around!!

Here's mine currently. I'm a little not sure about this one. I loved the look of the colours in the ball but as usual with Noro, there are suprises in there, like the section that is BROWN and the bit that's PALE PINK (erk). That's Silk Garden for you!!

I'm on to the second ball and I've hit the straight section so I'm beginning to drop some stitches. I'm going to knit the whole of the second ball and if I don't looove it by then its off to the frog pond......