Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Remember JT's vest? Well, after I raced to finish knitting it by my self imposed deadline and succeeding! I totally dropped the ball on the blocking and seaming deadline. Yesterday however, the 'blocking energy' planets aligned and I managed to get it wet and pinned out.

After I wet it, it relaxed and the dimensions were heaps bigger than the size I had aparrently knit. I tried to block it to size but it was abut 5cm (2inches) longer than it is supposed to be. I have put on my 'it will be ok in the end' hat and I'm choosing not to worry till he tries it on.

Bronte and Gemma helped me with the blocking. Sofa beds and spare rooms are VERY useful!

Then I was going through my stash later on, planning a felting project and what should I find?? ANOTHER WHOLE 200g BALL of the Bendigo 'Rustic' 8ply that I used. I had no idea that it was there. I thought I only had 600g and at some points I was worried that I would run out of yarn. In the end the vest only took about 450g to knit!! Look how much I have left over. I could easily knit another if I put in some stripes of something else. So much for stashbusting. (Maybe I could knit myself a matching vest lol)