Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A week in the life of Stripey

I am suprised to discover that my last post was longer than a week ago. A longer break than usual for me. I suppose that my inattention to the blogosphere has been due mostly to the little bundle of joy pictured below and the fact that this week was my first at home alone with the three little darlings....

It was tough. Really tough. It coincided with Milly beginning preschool (which has shorter hours than daycare) and I am suddenly the daycare and preeschool shuttle bus. Unfortunately the shuttle bus times interfere with the sleeping and feeding routines of lovely number three. I'm suddenly feeling every bit of the sleep deprivation.

Nevertheless on the knitting front I did manage to do the following:

  • Finish the back of JT's vest. Hooray now to get moving on the front so he can wear it this season.
  • Complete three repeats of the double width Branching Out. (A big deal for me - It requires HUGE amounts of concentration which I dont always have at the moment.)
  • Correct several mistakes in said Branching Out. (A huge achievement for me!)
  • Pick up my wonderful One Skein Pal's parcel from the post office. (Oh it was magnificent- photos soon!)
  • Go to the Stitches and Craft fair in Sydney and resist buying any yarn.
Photos of One Skein pressies and knitting soon......