Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pals, Secret & Otherwise

OMG!! I just got both the youngest off to sleep and two Kookaburras started making a ruckus outside the window.... Ahh all is still quiet - phew!!!!

I'm sorry about my last post peeps, I was letting the tiredness get the better of my cheery self. I'm feeling MUCH better today partly because there has been a few nice things happening and partly because I've had a few quiet days at home and a couple of good nights with Bronte in a row.

Firstly, I got a wonderful parcel from my One Skein Secret Pal, and then a lovely parcel from my Tribe buddy Amysue, and a cheer up ecard from my One Skein Secret Pal as well.

AND JT and I bought a new mattress and latex pillows as a third child pressie to ourselves and it is heaven!!! I wish I could sleep the whole night through in it, but since I can't I'll just be happy that I can enjoy that blissful moment of sinking into it two or three times a night instead.

My One Skein Pal is great. She's been in touch heaps and has sent a very generous parcel with TWO AND A HALF skeins (the naughty thing) and lots of bath goodies for me and the girls which are already used and didn't make it into the photo. The yarn is a hand dyed Alpaca/Merino from the Natural Dye Studio in East Anglia (UK) Isn't it wonderful! Just look at those cards they're hand made and just georgeous!! The petal bib from the One Skein book is for Bronte and she kindly put in the rest of the ball of Rowan Handknit cotton for me to play with. Last but not least is the wonderful beaded stitch markers that complete the ocean themed gifts. You have gone above and beyond One Skein Pal! I wish you would give me a clue about who you are!! The letter was lovely too, all sealed up with wax - Aren't Secret Pal exchanges FUN FUN FUN!!!

Staytuned for a shot of Amysues great parcel soon...