Friday, May 19, 2006


At the moment its 2.30 in the morning and I'm up because I can't sleep.

I started having contractions yesterday morning (thursday) at about 6am and they lasted all day, every five minutes, strong but not building up at all, untill the late afternoon. Then they petered out to nothing and I went to bed at 8.30, exhausted and utterly frustrated.

I woke at about 11.30pm and they were coming every 10 minutes or 15minutes and a lot stronger and by then I was totally awake so I decided to get up for a while and have a shower and see what happened and now they seem to have slowed down again even though they are a lot stronger- maybe I'll just go back to bed.

The worst thing is that I will miss the snb exhibition totally at this rate. What a disaster!! I won't be around to hang the show causing a huge spanner to be thrown in the works and I may not even see it!

Donni just wrote
this funny post about talking to me while I was having a contraction. So anyway you know that I'm a committed knit blogger don't you? Since I spent half the afternoon swatching for about three new projects and now I'm blogging but having to stop typing every 10 mins or so.....

I guess I'm not all that committed, I didnt take any photos of the swatches. lol

I'm sure the bub will come soon. ........tomorrow.....we will take her off to see the show in the just have to laugh don't you!