Monday, March 06, 2006


Ok those who have seen it sorry- this is a shameless barely edited copy of what I posted yesterday to the Panta Blog.

At last I have finished my Panta!! I was pretty slow starting, then I got sidetracked by the Knitting Olympics but I did manage to do it. Excuse the photos I took them myself so they are a bit dodgy. I used a handspun and hand dyed skein by my friend Kerry that I have had sitting in my stash for ages so it was a 'stash buster' as well!

It's a bit of a 'fudged' version as I ran out of yarn on the last inch and there's a strip of a plain colour hidden in there under my hair. I left out the last increase repeat because I was worrying about how much yarn I had left but I still ran out. If I had not done the last two increase repeats it would have been narrower and I think I would have had enough yarn. Still, you live and learn!! Also I used a pretty bulky yarn so next time I'd go for a DK weight and see how it turned out.

I also did a kind of three needle bind off where I 'picked up' stitches from the cast on edge and cast them off at the same time as the I cast off the end so I did not need to seam it. It makes a very neat finish. (Except that I did it upside down and the neat finish is on the wrong side but what did I just say ?? - You live and learn!!) Next time I'll know that you need to do the three needle bind off with right sides together like in sewing to get the seam where you want it (on the wrong side).

I'm pretty happy with it and will definately make another so I can wear it over my hair like a hat in winter (rather than under like a headband). Now I have the structure of it sussed and I'm not daunted by all the mentions of llamas in the pattern I'm going to make a few. My two girls look much better in it than me so I'll probably make them a couple too - It's another good one for kiddy pressies as well!!