Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just Back

Just back from four days at my Mum and Dad's at Avoca Beach. My Mum had been in the UK for six weeks and I was dying to see her. I meant to blog before I went but time got the better of me. I missed Stitch 'n Bitch on Saturday too which I felt sad about but sometimes you just have to do these things. I grew up at Avoca and it was nice to just hang out at the beach with the girls. like I used to when I was a kiddy.

Anyway aside from reminiscing I've been madly knitting on two projects. Check them out! This is progress on the baby blanket (photographed sideways) which is up to its final row of checks. Woo hoo!!!

It will look much better when it is blocked and I'm toying with the idea of getting more yarn to knit a border too. But I will reserve judgement on that until I've actually finished all the squares.

I've also been knitting a cardigan from an Ann Norling combo pattern for a variety of top down raglan pullovers and cardigans. I just love top down patterns. When I knit them I think why would you knit anything else!!?? But then I see another pattern I like and I know why. Here is the swatch just so those who giggle at such things can do so.

And here is the progress on the cardigan. It's growing very fast. The yarn is georgeous stuff that I bought in San Fran from Artfibers. It is Harlequin in colour #16 which I prefer to think of as rasberry ripple.

They recommend 4 st to the inch and I'm knitting it at 3.5. I know that there is not much difference and you would think that because I swatched so extensively that I would have it sussed but no- sadly - I think the fabric is a little too loose. I'm toying with frogging and beginning again. It hardly took me any time to get this far so maybe its not a bad idea...(??)

AND Finally - Last week - Wednesday I think - I had a parcel out of the blue - literally. Look what the lovely Blueadt sent me for no reason...she's a gem!

I had been eyeing off Tiger Opal on various blogs and Blueadt's Jaywalker socks turned out so well - I thought well I just have to get me some of that ONE DAY and lo - into my hands it flew from Blue via Angel Yarns. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!

So that is the week in knitting from the Stripey Tiger. I did get lots of sewing done too but that's another post altogether... :-)