Saturday, February 18, 2006

Olympic Spirit

I knit... I sweat... I knit... I sweat.....

It was so humid yesterday and last night that I, in all my glorious ever-expanding pregnantness was decidedly uncomfortable in any and every position that I sat. We watched friday night crime on the ABC, ate home made pizza and I knit, knit, knit away on my clap. In true against- all-odds-olympic-spirit.

It's looking great but despite all your cheers (thanks peeps!) I'm not feeling that confident. I'm loving dropping the stitches!! I've done about (only!!) four. The best thing is that each time they are longer and longer.

The yarn is knitting up beautifully. I think I'll enjoy wearing it! There's quite a bit of flashing and a few big pools going on but I don't care, you'll never notice when all the stitches are dropped and its draped around my neck!!

Photo update in the next few days. 8 days and 22hrs left according to the Team Clap blog - eeek!