Sunday, February 19, 2006

Clapotis on the way

OMG!!! This post edited to tell you that I forgot to mention that this is my 150th post!! What a celebration! Not quite my first blogiversary but a milestone nonetheless!

Anyway there's progress on the Clap!!!! I've dropped a few more stitches, 7 in all as of about 4pm this arvo. I'm really loving how it's turning out in this yarn. I did a little calculation and I may just scrape it in.... But that calculation doesn't leave any room for kid disasters or extreme tiredness emergencies. But such is the life of the athlete knitter.. The pressure!

PS Ange -and anyone else who is not sure. The clap is the Clapotis; a bias knit scarf/wrap with a series of dropped stitches. The pattern was in the Fall 2004 edition of Knitty. (The most kick ass online knitting magazine issued quarterly with FREE patterns) Since 2004 the Clap has become a famous knit with knitbloggers. There are few who have not attempted it. (pron. Clap-o-tee)