Saturday, February 04, 2006


Hey there. Is it a disease? I'm back in the country less than 24hours and I'm compelled to blog. No I can stop anytime. Any time want.....

So lets just say I'm not stopping today. I have spent a little time catching up on my bloglines. That's going to take ages! So for now I will leave you with a couple, of shots of me and JT on our trip. You'll have to wait until I have a chance for a photo session to see the yarn spoils.

Oh and in my mail was my wonderful International Scarf Exchange scarf. Knitted by Jae in a georgeous pinky, grey and magenta Noro Silk Garden in a multi directional pattern of her own devising. It's just so very beautiful Jae. Thankyou thankyou so much! I hope you enjoyed getting your scarf as much as I've enjoyed opening and playing with the one you made. I've not knit a pattern like this so I'm busy examining it trying to work out how it was done. Photos of the ISE scarf soon - Stay Tuned.

Here we are on our first day out on the Bay with that famous International Orange Bridge in the background.

Here we are on our last day taking a silly self timer photo in our room at the flash hotel we treated ourselves to for the last few days.

Here I am doing a silly grin after winning San Francisco Monopoly in the club lounge of said flash hotel. JT was a gracious loser - he didn't upend the game in disgust after I acquired all his money and property and he cheerily took a photo of me in 'fat cat' mode - But you know what? He didnt say: "Wow you are so good at that game. I think you have special skills....." Buy hey he didn't need to.

But anyway the point of showing you that silly photo was to say: "See - I'm wearing the scarf I knitted on the way over in the plane - on my jumbo pencil knitting needles!" There were a few funny looks but hey those people didnt get a whole scarf knitted on the trip did they? Oh and I'm wearing it in the previous shot too.

And here is a shot of Mummy this morning with her cuddly girls who were very happy to see us.
And here is a photo of daddy and his girls playing with Milly's new VERY OWN umbrella.

And finally thanks for all your comments, wishing us a good trip and cheering me on with my substitute knitting needle research. I won't get a chance to reply to you all individually because having been away there's just too many emails in that inbox.... but it was fun to read them all today. And all of you who are looking forward to seeing my 'haul' - Stay tuned.... Maybe tomorrow I'll get to taking some pix. In case you haven't guessed I had a great time but I'm pretty happy to be back!!!