Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Stockings, Stockings and more Stockings

So much for the plan of an hour off, those kids woke right up and were noisy. After that they entertained themselves (eureka!) and I was still able to read my novel a bit. At 5pm it is still too hot to go outside and there's no sign of a cool change erk!!

So far I have made loads of little felt stockings. You might have worked out that I sent them to all the Tribe Gals for Christmas. The Aussies are getting them on their mail box but the USA gals are yet to see them. I hope they will make it before Christmas day!!

So along with the twelve I have made for the tribe with their initials (2 x A, 3 x D, S, M, L, 2 x R, C and J) I have also made an S and a Z for Milly's cousins, a K for the girls' family day care mum, a K and a B for my spinning girls. That's 17 so far. And still this many to go before Christmas eve: M, D, R, P, J, S, I, A, A, J, A, R, J and K another 14. That's 31 in total if I make it - so I better get sewing!! I've forgotten to take photos of a few of them but here are a few more that you haven't seen. I'm slowly getting better at the freemotion embroidery and
I'm enjoying the freedom of it heaps!!

This morning before we went to the pool with some friends for a Christmas get together, Milly and I baked an army of mini gingerbread men. It was fun, She loves baking. Here is the army assembled.
And here they are organised into companies. We have to make some more tomorrow for other kids that we will be visiting - Phew. I'll be glad when all my christmas tasks are OVER!!