Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Eve

Its Christmas Eve!! Very Exciting! We are headed for a very hot day (another 40 degreeds celcius) here by all accounts and I can't decide what to wear in order to stay coolest. I bought two new pairs of shoes yesterday. I only meant to buy one but couldn't resist the second (very naughty!!) So now I have to organise my outfits around the new shoes. Fun fun fun! I aspire to have the shoes of Imelda Marcos. I heard Helen Razer say once (back when she did breakky on JJJ) that she was the Imelda Marcos of choux pastry! Ha Ha. But I digress....

Today we are off to my Aunt's house in Annandale for lunch and pressies with my family because everyone is going to the inlaws on Christmas Day this year. So mum and dad and my aunt have decided that we will have a full blown christmas day today. Then tomorrow we will spend real Christmas Day with the in laws, John's family in Wollongong. Milly and Gemma's cousins will be there so there will be kids pressies galore no doubt. Both days are sure to be very hot and busy. There will be to much food and too many pressies and we will all vow to scale it back a bit next year then forget by the time next year comes around.

Here are some shots of some of my favorite tree ornaments. I've just realised now that I've posted the picture that they are all handmade ones. The star and the crooked 'rag doll angel' I made years ago.

Here are a couple more shots of our house in decorated mode. It's all very christmassy!

Hope you all have fun doing your last minute cooking, shopping, wrapping or napping??