Monday, November 28, 2005


After four days away we are now back home and back to normal.

Man - I just wrote about three paragraphs detailing what I did this morning then realised that it was STULTIFYINGLY BORING. (Cleaning, visiting my mother in law and groceries) So it's deleted!!

Instead I'll tell you that while I was at my mum's I FINISHED the Noro OSW!!! I was able to wear it to the SnB Xmas party on Saturday, which btw was a complete hoot. It was excellent to have dinner and few drinks with the gals after an afternoon of knitting. Check out the Wollongong SnB site for the photos of the evening.

You lurkers, it was great to meet your hubbys hope you are feeling a bit better today!!

Hopefully tomorrow I should get posted some shots of the completed pregnant size OSW and the suprise package that arrived today from my SP6, Rachael. Thanks heaps kiddo. The calendar is just the thing and choccies NEVER go astray.