Monday, September 26, 2005

Strange Goings On

There are strange goings on in the world of SP6. There has been a 'Sanfu' apparently. (oops I meant to say)'Snafu') I wonder what it is? Sarah is asking if we wish to change. Of course it is too late! I am very happy with the Secret Pal that I am sending to. Although I was initially dismayed (I'll say no more on the subject for fear of revealing myself). I wonder who else has had this email. I know Rachael has. Oh well all will be revealed in time.. no doubt....My Secret Pal has already sent me a pressie so I guess she won't want to change pals now. (?!)

In knitting news. I have begun a little cotton dress for Milly. It is mindless stockinette at the mo, but I am considering a colour pattern or some pockets. I dont know yet but if I keep knitting it will reveal itself to me as I go.
I have already had to frog back about half a ball because I discovered that I was taking a mental holiday when I cast on and there were about 120 too many stitches!! Its fine now and I am past where I discovered my mistake. It's all purples. Milly likes Purple. Here we are knitting together.

Happy Knitting. :-) Happy Secret Pal-ing