Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Rare Yarns Versatile Vest Wrap

I've finally got a couple of shots to share with you of the finished Rare Yarns Wrap - with me in it (looking like an idiot) no less! Here is a shot of the pattern so you can see what it was meant to look like
Here it is with the lace section to the top. Sorry about the messy kitchen in the background!
Here it is from the back with the lace section to the top.
And here it is from the front with the lace section to the bottom. You can wear it backwards and inside out & etc & etc but I didn't think you needed to see so many foolish shots of me.
I had to use size 10mm's to get gauge (the pattern called for 8mm's) shows you what a tight knitter I am. But I must have loosened up as I went and really I prob should have gone with 9mm's because I had about a third of a ball left even after crocheting round the armholes and look at it - I think its a tad long - Oh well - I'll just have to get taller! I still like it though

The funniest thing is that I've not worn it in public yet - it's been too warm. So I hope I still like it next winter!!