Monday, September 19, 2005


We went on a picnic to Minamurra on Sunday. (I didn't dust!) It was wonderful! Beers in the sunshine and a few rows of knitting well you can't tell from this photo but I am doing the LAST ROW!!

Gemma Likes it too! Behold bizarre baby Denise needle Kareoke. How do you spell that??

I am now considering blocking techniques for the loverly wrap. I'm also contemplating which outfit to wear under it so I can show it off to you at its best advantage. I'm also busy beginning too many new projects hooray!! I still have a backlog of two new baby gifts to finish (almost 6months late!) and another to begin due in October... I'm trying to teach myself Dreamweaver Ultra Dev... Its a brain bendingly slow process!!!

BTW I am very stoked (Oh I'm showing my slip by saying that - I don't think I've said it since I was about 16!) to have received a few comments from my Secret Pal.
Happy Knitting All.