Sunday, September 18, 2005

Happy Birthday Zoe

Its a sunny Sunday morning. We've just had coffee outside whilst Milly played in the sandpit. Gemma is having her morning sleep. We are contemplating a picnic lunch somewhere sunny! I looked around the house and thought: The kids beds need changing, I should dust (everwhere!) there's last weeks washing waiting to be put away, there's ONLY THREE MORE ROWS to do on the Rare Yarns Wrap so in the true spirit of procrastination, I'm just goung to squeeze in quick bit of blogging.

Here are some shots of a chenilled bag I made for my niece Zoe's 6th birthday last week. She just spoke to me on the phone from Wagga to tell me it was very cute. High praise indeed!!! On one side is a 'Z' and the other is meant to be a flower. It's a bit dodgy because although I have made quite a few chenilled things before I've not tried to put patterns on it and you have to cut the shapes in a specific way for them to work. Anyway she liked it so I'm happy. Off to do family stuff....