Saturday, September 17, 2005


Hey there blogworld! I wish to say that I have met some fabulous and generous gals through my short stint blogging. It's brilliant! Yesterday afternoon (late, so I did not get a chance to tell you till now) I rescued a fantastic parcel from the wet letter box. I'm glad that I got to it before it was soaked!! Rachael, from All it took was just one stitch... sent me (for no reason) a pile of vintage sewing goodies and some chocolate. I was totally blown away by her generosity and the goodies she sent were just lovely. Wonderful. I've never seen many of them before and I'm so excited.

Isn't it a totally amazing thing to receive a gift from someone you've never met. It's not even for Secret Pals or anything - it's real pals! Really! Rachael, my heartfelt thanks and enormous smiles, I can't believe how generous you have been! I will post a photo later this afternoon so you can all see what she sent.