Saturday, June 11, 2005

Wasting Time

Oh I had big plans for blogging. But they are not to be.

I have taken some shots of my latest WIP and the recent 'soon to be frogged' handspun baby blanket. And wouldn't you know it I've just wasted the best part of an hour trying to get the blinking things to transfer to the computer!!! GGGRRRR!!!!!! The stupid program wont recognise that the camera is there- when it damn well is! GGGRRR!!!! GGGRRRR!!! GGGRRR!!!

I think being slightly seedy due to impromtu drinks with Princess Knitabulous and Doyenne Donni and their wonderful wool widow hubbys, Alan and Steve and my georgeous JT, has not helped matters. Quite a few vodka lime and sodas served to dull the senses somewhat. Which was great because there were six kiddies in tow making a hullabaloo in another room. Then this morning JT was off to work for a long shift 8am to 11pm (ON A LONG WEEKEND!!! - cruel, too cruel. what these junior doctors have to put up with!)I managed to get myself together thanks to two panadols with codral chasers. The pharmaceutical hangover cure! That pseudo- effredrine worked brilliantly. I cant believe I didnt think of it before. Any way no piccies till the gremlins in the camera have been sorted.