Monday, June 13, 2005

Model Daughter

Here she is the gorgeous scarf model - Milly. This is why I was so disappointed on Saturday night when I could not get the camera to transfer the photos. I could see they were good and wanted to share. She is modelling three scarves.

One, the pale blue one from 100g Crystal Palace ‘Musique’ was knitted last month but I have only just got round to weaving in the ends. I love the colours and I was pleased with the repeat of 5 rows of garter and one row of double wrap stitches. Check out the detail below.

The second was completed months ago in January but I have only just got round to photographing it. This one is also Crystal Palace called ‘Silky Tape’ It was a tape yarn with half the tape cotton and half the tape a synthetic fibre and the yarn was dyed with mottled limes and aquas and of course the cotton has held the dye but not the synthetic. It stayed looking ‘silky’. Effective but I don’t think I would have enjoyed knitting a whole garment from it. It was difficult to stop the tape from twisting up into a stiff spiral as I knitted.

The third was knitted a full two years ago using Cleckheaton (I think) Glamour Puss together with a pink fur yarn. Fun to see knitted up but again it was a complete b**** to knit. The acrylic is so stiff and if you make a mistake or drop a stitch you can completely forget about picking it up! It was knitted for my niece for her birthday two winters ago but when I turned up to give it to her, her mother said to me “Oh look I'm so proud I've just knitted the kids scarves…” So needless to say I didn’t think she would appreciate the glamour puss competing with her garter stitch efforts. So I've just managed to weave in the ends. Milly can wear it this season.

Musique Scarf