Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Baby, Another Hat

This time it is baby Mischka. I love the name. It's so Russian princess don't you think?? Mischka is the new bub of Freya and Jelle. She's so awake and alert but calm. In the time that I was visiting her she hardly made a squeak, just looking every where. And here's her Helix Hat.

Oh and here's some swatches for another vest for John. Two winters ago I knit him a red vest from a Jo Sharp Pattern, which I am so happy to say he wears all the time. This winter I'm going to have a go at another Jo Sharp Pattern but I doubt if he'll get to wear it till next winter.

It's going to be the Cable and Rib Vest from Jo Sharp's Knit - Issue Three.
I'm using a discontinued Cleckheaton Tencel and Wool blend which knits up nicely with a bit of shine and drape. Hopefully it won't be too sloppy for JT.

But JT will be way too busy to be lying around like that all day! What kind of model pose is that any way?