Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I love Denise!

Oh I am soo naughty! I just did a very naughty thing! I should not be left home alone. I just went on-line and bought an new organiser for my Denise Needle Set. This is what it will look like except (after much agonising) mine will be red.

But? But?- I hear you ask - Why do you need an organiser when you already have the nifty Denise plastic case that the needles come in when you buy the Denise Kit? You know the answer don't you? I just wanted it!

Well.... that and ages ago I bought the companion set with extra lengths and more connectors and end stoppers etc - Well of course the existing kit can't fit all the extra bits and they are all floating around my knitting bag BUT THE ORGANISER CAN fit them all in- oh and organise them!!!

While I was there a whole new pink kit fell into my shopping cart. (I can't quite believe I did that!) It's partly because the whole breast cancer thing is particularly resonant with me at the moment AND they've slightly changed the needle sizes to be truly metric (not those wierd not quite right US sizes) !!! So My trusty much loved blue set is the 'OLD version' And I just couldn't resist the NEW VERSION!!!

Oh and then I had to buy a pink expansion set too and a new set of 4mm's (I use them the most).......Come on...the Aussie is doing so well against the USD that it's all practically FREE! But don't tell JT. I might be in a little trouble..... Well he started it really- he have me the first set for my birthday three years ago and I've hardly used another needle since!

PS - Thanks so much for all your lovely comments about my Lady E Poncho. I am enjoying it so much. I've worn it nearly every day since it came off the needles. So much for blocking!