Saturday, October 27, 2007

SNB - Too far away.

CATCH UP POST #1. - Not only have I been absent from the blog - I've also found it really hard to get to my lovely SNB. I think I've only been two or three times since January. AND I MISSED IT AGAIN TODAY!!

Since we moved house at the beginning of the year it's now an hour's drive to get there. Throw into the mix that my hubby is a doctor and is often on call on weekends. The result is that it's practically impossible to get there. It's terribly, terribly sad.

I love seeing what everyone is knitting. I love the mix of members, from young mums to grandmas and all sorts in between. I enjoy being involved in our annual exhibition that we've held each year for the past two years. I miss being able to sit and have a coffee or a cocktail and a knit or not. This month I missed seeing Ailsa's new boobs!

Lately I've been thinking that I just have to let it go - stop stressing about not being able to get there and you never know maybe it will get easier at some point.

But so it's not totally photo-less I leave you with a shot of the chook shed in progress. An update on chooks and all things garden coming soon.......

What good helpers he has... :-)