Monday, May 14, 2007

Brain Space

I can't believe that a fortnight has passed since I posted. I just haven't had the brain space. JT and I have been filled to bursting about the prospect of moving to our new place but July seems so far away!!! Thanks so much for all your comments - Yes we hope to make room for a knitting camp Chez Stripey!

My Wollongong LYS has organised a knitting retreat this weekend which I'm excited about I CANT WAIT to relax and spend some time with my Wollongong buddies and friends from SnB. I'm missing them soo much down here!!! The In-laws are organised to come and help JT with the kids and baby Bronte is being weaned this week in preparation for my first nights away from her since she was born a year ago. WOOO HOOO!

Look! I received my ISE4 scarf from Jenna. Thankyou Jenna I love it all!! She put together a wonderful parcel of goodies for me which I just loved!! Some dishcloth cotton, some Koigu (love it!!) some candy for the kids, piccies from Winnepeg where she lives and some very cute ladybird fabric and other bits and pieces. I've been very lucky with my pal.

The beautiful scarf is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino - So lush!! In a beautiful Fibre Trends pattern called Oak leaf and Acorn Scarf. I love it! I'm using baby Cashmerino too for my ISE scarf I wish I'd chanced upon the Oak Leaf and Acorn Pattern before I began. I'd love to knit it.
I'm battling two competing deadlines a cross stitch that I am doing for other In Law's birthday next week and my ISE4 scarf due to be mailed in a week and a bit EEEKKK!! I waffle on about deciding about a scarf pattern here at the ISE4 blog.

I need to get the cross stitch to the framers TODAY! SO that I can give it to her on the weekend and whlle I've been loving stitching with needle and thread I've been very aware of my scarf exchange gals getting their scarves and mine is only half way done. eeeek!!!

Photos of the scarf and cross stitch sooon........better get stitching better get stitching better get stitching better get stitching..........