Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mystery Solved

Belinda, Tianne, Roo Knits and Sue H, You're right of course the pattern from the previous post would become a cupcake or a cream tart. Perhaps I was misleading you a bit by saying cream yarn for the second colour because, of course, if it was a cupcake you could use any colour you wanted your icing to be. Mine are cream cakes with flake sprinkles and a cherry on top. (I used a Jo Sharp DK yarn that was brown & cream plied together for the cream part.)

Kate & Marti, I think a knitted ice cream is a really funny idea - You know something cold made from a warm material - wool! I'll have to have a go at it - A bowl of ice cream scoops with sprinkles - maybe for next SnB exhibition!

So Belinda with the first correct entry gets the prize! I think I have your email addy some where Belinda so I'll get in touch off-blog re your mystery prize.

If you would like to knit either the cookies or the tarts, the pattern and piccies are in the next post.