Saturday, March 31, 2007

Little Gals

I'm knitting some little dolly dresses for the SnB exhibition. They've been keeping me busy. They're all made from little leftovers of Donna's sock knitting. (Some Fleece Artist, some Sock-It-To-Me some hand dyed Patonyle - it's fun to use them all and see how they knit up.) The little mannequin's are cute aren't they? Our new town Berry is full of gifty type shops, there can be some good finds.

I thought I'd just 'whip these up' -as you do- but of course I'm just casting on with DPNs and winging it so they're kind of just turning into whatever they turn into as I knit - It's kinda fun but if I'd used DK weight they would have been finished AGES ago!!! It's SnB today so I might get the second one finished.

Here I am last weekend with the family showing how multiskilled I can be; knitting whilst cooking damper on a stick by the fire at Kangaroo Valley . (What!?! Is that Gemma picking her nose??) The little dress now smells like a campfire.

And here's Kate. For some reason I didn't post this lovely pic of her with Bronte when we met up in Wagga Wagga the week before last. Isn't she looking radiant? That's what pregnancy does for you!

So it's all about the SnB exhibition here normal knitting (cece) and the international scarf exchange has been thrown over to get some exhibition stuff done. Two weeks and I'm onto my scarf - Really!! I promise!!