Sunday, February 25, 2007

ISE4, Snb + Bithdays

The international scarf exchange that I'm hostessing has 100 takers after two days of signups!! Amazing!!
It's all fun. It's so exciting seeing so many knitters in so many countries being united by the web!

I went to stitch n bitch yesterday after a two months where Christmas and moving house got in the way and It was excellent fun! We have our annual exhibition coming up in April and boy do I have some knitting to do!

We had a 4th birthday pool party for Milly today and it all went out the window when we woke up and it was raining!!! Typical! the cake was a pool cake -you know the kind with jelly. I love making silly birthday cakes. - It was fun but exhausting - looking forward to sitting down and knitting on the couch tonight.

Milly (4) is third from the left, I'm above her, my Aunt Sue is next to me, Gemma (2 and a half) is being held by Aunty Sue and someone in the wings is holding Bronte (9months) in the photo.