Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I've navajo plied the singles you saw in the last shots. I tend to overspin just a tad so ignore that and look at those colours! Isn't it amazing how those small dots of primary colour on the white roving have become such a georgeous palette once drafted out spun and piled. I love it!!

What a cute ball!!! I've never been so proud of my spinning as I am with this!!

Tonight is Every Second Tuesday spinning. I'm going to be so happy to show off what I've done to the gals. I'm really glad to return to spinning. I just hadn't had the brain space for it since I was about 8months preggers with Bronte but now she's 5months old and I'm back into it. I'm spinning much more evenly and thinner too - It's all good!!!

There's more too but I don't have shots yet. A tiny teddy top down raglan jumper knitted with this navajo plied yarn OMG its sooo CUTE!! And a skein of ordinary plied yarn which is pretty special too. Hope to take some shots soon. Happy Knitting/Spinning all!!