Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Mail

Look what the mail man brought!! It's my Dishcloth Shuffle parcel. Karyn you are a legend!! I love the colours! They're just right for our kitchen. I think it's too pretty to use though! I just can't imagine wiping up spills and things with such a lovely cloth! In this shot it's folded in four so imagine how big it is! There were all kinds of goodies in here for the girls too. They've had great fun with them.

Next came this HUGE box from the states. Look at how big it is! I've included the baby for scale. (She wasn't happy about that.)

This enormous box was from my One Skein Secret Pal Pam, (no links - she is sans blog) I sent my one skein gifties to Pam and as a thanks she sent this great box of goodies. There was Milky Ways and Hersheys neither of which made it into the shot sadly. But we did not eat the knitting. Pam has been really busy knitting afghans! There was a yellow one with a reversable stitch pattern in diamonds. It will be a wonderful throw in the girls room - So nice and bright! There is also a wonderfully soft and cuddly baby afhgan for Bronte. I cant quite work out the stitch but it's really effective and last but not least a seed stitch scarf for JT. Check it out!!

Pam thanks so much! It was so generous and thoughtful of you!