Thursday, June 29, 2006

Branching Out

Progress on vest!!
I'm about 5 inches into the front of JT's vest so if I can just keep up the momentum It will be finished in a couple of weeks. Which is good because I'm itching to begin something else!!!!

A few people have enquired about the stitch pattern. To do it, you need a multiple of three stitches and it goes like this:
Row 1: K1, then knit the second stitch and before slipping it of the needle bring your yarn forward and purl it together with the third stitch. Bring your yarn back to the back then keep repeating these three stitches to the end of the row.
Row 2: Purl to end.
Repeat the two rows over and over and over -et voila!

Progress with Lace:
Here is Branching Out last week:

Here is Branching Out today! I'm happy, I'm feeling like a pro (please dont laugh at my chickenshit lifelines)

The Tribe:
I received a wonderful parcel from, my match Amysue. She's a clever girl and worked out that I do a bit of quilting (when I can fight my way into my terribly messy and overflowing sewing room) as well as knitting and so there was a lovely pack of fat quarters in 1930s prints in a peppermint green and violet colourway. The notes included did say that the name of the fabric story was 'Lilac Time' but I choose to think it is violet not lilac and I will make something for Bronte Violet from the wonderful Quiltmakers Gift book that Jade sent me when Bronte was born.

Also included in the parcel was some Karaoke which I've been wanting to try. I think I'll knit a Kueropatra's Snake Scarf with it, then there was some black gourmet salt - very unusual! (I am a total salt addict!) Some georgeous ecquadorean dark chocolate, a VERY hard looking jigsaw of buttons which the girls want to help me with - what fun!! And last but not leaset a georgeous hat and booties that Amysue thoughtfully knit for Bronte. What a fun parcel to open - Thanks so much Amysue!!!