Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Amazing Lateness Lace

Amazing Lace Challenge #1

Introducing the Team:

Team Leader:
The Stripey Tiger- Newbie Lace Knitter.
Team Member: Bronte Violet
- Very Newbie Lace Knitter.

Other Team members:
  • Branching Out - Courtesy of Knitty. But I'm choosing to knit it twice as wide. (Perhaps a mistake for someone who has not knit an entirely lace item before!)
  • Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool - Lovely and light, freshly wound into a ball and violet in colour. generously gifted by Cece.
  • Red 5mm straight needles - stolen borrowed from Stripey's mum.
Team Report:
The Stripey Tiger and Bronte Violet are pictured here cheerily learning together about k3tog, yo, ssk and other complex manouvres in yarn. Stripey is as new at lace knitting as Bronte is to the world. Shown in the shot is a practice swatch as Stripey has decided (in her wisdom) to knit it twice as wide as the pattern suggests.

Here is the sample showing all mistakes immediately after accidentally knitting a pattern row when they have been knitting the purl row. (Bronte blames Stripey - "Get it together mum!!" she was heard to say during the debarcle) This is a minor setback for the team who have decided to frog the sample in its entirety and begin the 'wide' version with plenty of lifelines!!

Both team members would like to acknowledge the many helpful tips and encouragement given by Jae from Some Knitting Required.

The Competitor has already failed this challenge due to lateness of the challenge submission!
Perhaps she will do better with the next challenge??!!