Thursday, June 08, 2006

All Knitting - No Baby Photos

So I've been knitting more than I thought I'd be able to with a newborn. Bronte was born three weeks ago tomorrow and the day after she was born I began swatching for a vest for JT that I've been planning for years.

I bought the yarn at a craft fair about three years ago from the Bendigo Woollen Mills stand and I'd been searching for JUST THE RIGHT PATTERN for that long. A couple of months ago I found it. It's called Rustic Texture Man's Vest and it's a Jo Sharp pattern that's out of print from about ten years ago. It was pretty hard to get hold of and Jeanette did her best to help me then Jo Sharp's office came to the party. HOO RAY!!

So far I'm loving it. I've almost finished the back. It's a rib called 'supple rib' where you knit one then knit the next stitch without slipping it off the needle, then purl the same stitch together with the next stitch. You repeat that for the whole RS row then purl the WS row. It makes this lovely rib with a kind of moss stitch in the middle. The yarn I'm using is an 8ply heathered deep red. I'm enjoying the knit. I think he'll get to wear it this season!! AND HE LIKES IT!!

AND in AMAZING LACE news. I've managed to knit one repeat of my double width Branching Out (see how its going to look double width in my cut and paste version below) without mistakes - woo hoo!! AND here is my home made magnetic device for keeping place in the lace chart. It's a shopping list magnet with a hole in it perfectly shaped to show a part of the chart so I don't lose my spot. It's working!! I'm having fun.