Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Latest Knitting Details

So in the last post I showed a shot of two projects that I'm doing post olymipcs. The first is my Panta. I'm a little slow off the mark with this knitalong but I should finish it very shortly. The problem with this little project is that I'm going to run out of yarn. The yarn is a handspun hand dyed by my friend Kerry which I bought years ago from the local Spinners and Weavers show. I didnt even know Kerry then and now she is my spinning guru!! So I have a ball of kind of matching Jo Sharp DK which I'll use when it runs out. I should be able to fudge it so that the plain colour is at the back. Who knows.. the Panta is a very easy knit. I've already deviated from the pattern in the interests of yarn conservation. Any way at 3/4 finished i'm looking forward to evaluating the finished product.

The red hearts swatch: Yes Blue you're right it is the Classic AL. Readers let me tell you a story. Way back in the dim distant past I started a blog in order to participate in Secret Pals 5 ( an international yarn gift exchange) My pal was Blueadt. She was such a thoughtful and generous pal and I have buckets of yarn which she sent me. I do have a project in mind for all of her lovely gifts but it wasnt till I flew past the finishing line with my clap that I thought - hey I could finish that baby blanket in 16 days if I really wanted to!! And so I have stopped looking at it and thinking about it and have begun. Lack of a pattern is not stopping me. I think I'm going to wing it. The yarn is Elizabeth Lavold's CLassic AL. 70% Baby Alpaca and 30% Merino (from memory) Stay tuned Blue, for progress

BTW here is my gold medal. I'm so proud!!

We are going away for a few days. Chat again next week. Happy Knitting All.