Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Baby Blanket - DONE- ish

I finished the baby blanket as I had originally planned it but look my gauge changed! Can you see that the top is narrower than the bottom??

It's a little lumpy because it still needs to be blocked but I have to fix up the bottom row join first. See where i just changed colours without casting off and picking up the stitches for the next row of hearts like I did for the rest of the blanket? Blerch!!

Well that's going to take a little fiddling but basically I'll CUT it and pull it undone where the join is and see if I can do a three needle bind off or some other dodgy manouver. But despite spending hours tonight weaving in ends, it still seems like I have HUNDREDS to go. ...

And here is Milly enjoying knitting with Mummy. Remember - I look pretty inflated in this shot partly because its an unflattering angle but also partly because I am pretty inflated - only 8 weeks to go till our new bub joins the knitting party!

NEXT POST: The Artfibres Rasberry Ripple cardigan is STILL GROWING!!