Monday, February 13, 2006

Three Scarves Full

Here are two finished objects and a belated thanks to Jae for my wonderful ISE scarf. As you can see it's knitted from a georgeous pink, magenta and charcoal Noro 'Silk Garden'. I love silk garden so its really great to own another of their fab colourways. Jae made up the pattern for her (now my) scarf and its a very clever multi directional short rowed design. I'm really impressed!! Thanks a lot Jae it will get heaps of wear when it gets cold again around here and I'm sorry its taken me so long to post a proper thanks!!

I've really enjoyed the scarf exchange. My scarf pal really loved her scarf too so it was a really fun exchangeto participate in. Thanks heaps to Celia and Cynthia for organising it.

Here is another scarf. This is the one I knitted with kids jumbo pencils (aka 12mm straights) with an elastic band around the end to stop the stitches falling off on the plane on the way to the USA. Its two balls of Karabella Roses (which I bought here in Aus from my local yarn pusher Donni) in a great pink brown and pale blue colourway. I've been trying to knit this scarf FOREVER!! I keps swatching and didn't like what I did - I think I've actually knitted the first ball about three times before I was happy enough to keep going with the second. I knitted it with a hole so you can wear it a few ways.

Here I am looking like a bit of a ninny modelling it in our hotel in San Francisco.

The last scarf of the post I gave away yesterday to my Aunt Sue for her birthday. She may never get to wear it. Its never cold enough in Sydney but it's still beautiful and she is a knitter so she appreciates the work. She also loves the story that it was mostly knitted on the plane on the way home from San Fran using hotel pens joined with string and elastic bands. (aka 8mm circulars)Its Misty Garden again, from Scarf Style because after knitting my ISE scarf I had the pattern memorised.

I used two balls of Bouton d'Or 'Melody' in a pale sage green called Cristallin. Melody is 80% Kid Mohair and 13% Wool and 7% Polyamide. I bought this yarn at Urban Knitting Studio in San Fran. It was a bit of an impulse purchase and looking back it was vastly too expensive for what it was. But I enjoyed knitting it and that's what counts most hey!!

Here are the pen/needles and if you look closely you can see that they point to a mistake with the pattern repeat that I made in the wee small hours of the plane journey and did not have the energy to fix till after I got home.

And last photo. Here is the whole scarf. My third knitting FO for 2006!!

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