Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Hi All here's a post from sunny California!! We have had a fabulous time so far and we have only been here for four days. I've been lurking in the knitting section of Borders on Union Square until late at night but I've not been to any yarn shops as yet except looking in the window of one that was closed in Cambria, and also looking in the Window of Urban Knitting Studio in Hayes Valley. (both closed too sad!!)

Today we have had a great day catching public transport all around the city and can you believe that it has been sunny and warm most of the time. At the moment we are visiting JT's sister and her hubby in Linden Street and about to have dinner at Jardiniere (for those who know the area) so JT is dying to get on eth web so I'll just close by saying I'm missing you all in Blogland.

All the parcels have been sent Donni - No dramas with customs and all the parcels have arrived - THANKS ROX!! THANKS MARTI!!! Jussi your gear looks great and Man o Man Donna wait till you see your palette.

Ciao for now!!! Happy knitting from SAN FRAN!! :-) Stripey