Friday, November 11, 2005

Busy Weekend

We are going away for the weekend!! Hooray!!

It is finally, after all the dithering, JT's sister Alexa's, Wedding to Ronald Ross the Antarctic Explorer. TODAY!!

As a result I don't have any knitting to show for the last few days because I was busy sewing beading on a wrap and skirt that I'm wearing to the wedding and I couldn't take a photo of it because JT has already packed the camera.

Ronald and Alexa are getting married by Sydney Harbour in the Royal Botanic Gardens followed by an intimate family reception at the very swanky Level Forty One Restaraunt . We have organised OVERNIGHT baby sitting (my legend brother, his girlfriend and my aunt) and are planning to stay afterwards at the Sydney Hotel Intercontinental.

Oh an evening of luxury; fine wine, fine dining and a stroll to the five star, historic hotel. Breakfast is included!! Sometimes I look forward to the hotel brekky more than the room. (But you all know already that I'm a greedy guts). We got a good last minute deal on the hotel and we've never actually stayed in a hotel in Sydney before so it really is a very special treat. I don't suppose I'll get much knitting done - but I'm still taking it. JUST IN CASE!!!

We don't have to check out or the hotel till 4pm so my brother is going to bring the girls in to the hotel and we can all hang out until we are bored - or had enough of the Harbour Bridge view, room service, or satelite TV (ha). Then we are staying Saturday night at my brother's house in Coogee (which is actully our house, but he lives in it at the moment), picking up my Mum and Dad from the airport after their month long trip in New Zealand. Then we are having family brunch on Sunday with Mum and Dad before perhaps visiting my high school best friend who had her first baby a week and a bit ago, then driving home to the Gong.

PHEW!! I'll tell you all how it went on Monday. Have a good one.