Thursday, October 27, 2005

Look what she sent!!

And look what she wrote:

Dear Sharon,
Here are some gifts for you to enjoy.
A token of friendship,
In the form of some knitting toys.
Some almost fat free lollies to help keep you trim,
Oh, look a little cow measuring tape,
And some cocoa cream for when your belly's not quite so slim.
I hope you enjoy the presents I provide,
And look out for the postie,
For the next gift, goodbye!
Love, your Secret Pal xxx

What a great big pack of secret pal goodness!! The green hibiscus purse contains four beautiful beaded stitch markers only my second ever set. I love them! Some German Online striping sock yarn (must knit socks!- must knit socks...) Lollies, a cute zipper pull with my name on it, the best cow tape measure you have ever seen!! Cocoa Butter Cream and, and, and, as if that was not enough!! A pack of Knitterella, knitterly note cards. I am feeling totally spoilt today which is really great!! Now I have knitting joy from my secret pal to play with. Thanks Secret Pal, this is fun fun fun, I love all the pressies...I hope you are having a great knitting day... :-)