Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The best thing about a baked dinner...

is gravy for breakfast. I just love crusty white toast with butter and hot left over gravy with a bit of ground pepper. That is one of my favorite foods and being a bit of a glutton, I have plenty of favorite foods! It was JT's birthday yesterday and after two months of me being older than him we are the same age again.

I seem to have so much to blog about so little time to do it for some reason lately. I'm sitting at the computer and the photos are loaded so now is the time. No matter that the rugrats are crawling around my feet wingeing....that's normal!

So at last, here's a picture of the cloud and feather baby capsule quilt that I finished on the weekend. I was fairly happy with it although in hindsight I might have liked more contrast between the two blues. Still - I like it and what is done is done. Here it is:

I on Monday I took the girls to a real farm near Goulburn (almost 2hrs from here) and saw sheep being shorn. Real sheep on a real working property. It was just a FANTASTIC experience!! It deserves its own post so more perhaps later when the girls are asleep.

I've joined Celia's International Scarf Exchange which should be fun. It runs until January I think so I should have enough time to make something pretty good. Fingers crossed!

A friend is going to lend me her old knitting machine for a play which is fun. (Just what I need another piece of hobby equipment hanging around the house!! (JT is going to kill me!)Still I have lots of ideas for a knitting machine that I have been storing away in my head. So Jussi, Donni, I'm sure I'll be coming to you for tips!!

Wollongong Stitch 'n Bitch is this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it because I missed it last month. I have about five projects to bring along and I'm looking forward to catching up with the girls that I missed last month.

Last bit of news for this post. I've begun an evening course to learn how to design websites in Dreamweaver MX. So far so good!! I should be able to put together the website for my sewing things that I've been thinking of for ages and put together soem more sophisticatd pages that link to my FO's on eth side bar. Yep it all takes time ans with two kids it all takes twice as long. Imagine how long everything will take when I have three....