Tuesday, August 30, 2005


A PARCEL! A PARCEL! Oh what fun! My secret pal pressie arrived today - right when I wasn't thinking about it - it arrived! My great pal sent me six balls of Elizabeth Lavold 'Classic AL' 50% Baby Alpaca and 50% Merino. Three balls are off white and three are red. A lovely crimson red. Very very nice. I have wanted to use my new found crochet skills on a baby blanket and so I think these balls are exactly what I need! They are extremely soft, verry cuddly, and super super warm!! So Just have to find a pattern! Here's a pic.
And my very thoughtful Secret Pal also sent a Rugrats book for Milly and a Pair of very cute socks for Gemma. Milly had fun opening them and sat on the lounge reading the book for ages (She loves books!) Gemma chewed the socks - well that's what one year olds like to do! Thankyou Secret Pal I really love the parcel! I think I guessed who my secret pal is and since it's reveal week I'm going to share my guess! (I think this is her) I've really enjoyed having her as a secret pal- she's always been very chatty in emails,very generous in parcels and I'm looking forward to finding out more about her knitting world when the secret is out!

I wonder if my secret pal has guessed me?? I'm waiting till she gets her last parcel to reveal myself. I did think that I timed it to arrive before the end of August but it doesnt look like its made it. i've really enjoyed reading her blog and I'm looking forward to seeing if she likes her final pressie.

In other news I am past the first armhole on the wrap- only just - but its enough!! I just got a comment from Maggie - I think there's a shot somewhere in my archives of what the wrap is meant to turn out like but I'll post another for you tomorrow. I'm tired now - off to bed, hubby is warming it up! Happy Knitting All and to All Good Night.

Oh before I forget, I have put in a teeny tiny order form Knitpicks along with the usual suspects and I cant wait till I see it!