Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Stash Enhancement

I went to Kerry's today. Kerry is my spinning guru. She has taught me all I know. (I dont know much, since I'm a beginner, but that's no reflection on Kerry) Last week she went on a road trip, with our S'nB buddy Shirley. They went to First Edition Fibres in Euroa and to a fibre muster in Bendigo. This was a 10hour plus drive from Wollongong just to get there. They had a small overnight bag each so that they could fit all their purchases in the ute on the way back!!!

Kerry will be spinning like mad all year to get through that lot!! She bought me back some lovely merino+silk blend sliver in two colour ways that I LOVE and a little pressie. If you look closely you can see two little bundles of blue and two big bundles of white at the front of all those bags. The two blue and one of the white bags are mine! . Feast your eyes on Kerry's serious stash enhancement!! Boy they had fun!! We have a plan to go again in October this time Donni and I will go too! Fun Fun Fun!!