Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lily & Milly , Gemma & Emma

Friends of mine (I know them both from high school days!) had twins 6 months ago (!) I am just in the finishing stages of making them matching umbilical hats. This is how far behind I am with baby gifts this year!! Still a couple to go....

Now my secret pal ( who isnt supposed to know who I am) is steaming away on a huge number of projects including multiple baby gifts!! (I dont think that will give it away if she stumbles upon my blog.) I am impressed!! Actually I am seriously impressed by the action in the knit blogging world generally!! Go Girrrlls!! There is so much kickass knitting going on. I love reading about it in others blogs and getting inspired. I'm learning sooo much!

Back to the twins.....My friends have a three year old daughter called Lily. I have a two year old daughter called Milly. I have an (almost) 1 year old called Gemma and they wanted to call their newest little girl Emma. They decided that since we are actually quite close friends and see each other often that it would be too much to have Lily and Milly and Gemma and Emma. So they called her Emily. She is my goddaughter. Her brother's name is Joshua and together they are going to loook super cute in these umbilical hats. (When they're finished - I keep forgetting to buy 4mm dpns!)