Thursday, June 23, 2005

Traumatic Teddy

OK THAT'S IT!! I have finished the traumatic teddy. I have learned a valuable lesson. You do not have to have a use for every single piece of handspun that you make!! (Especially if it is very bad!)

A friend of mine who I have known since I was very young - like 8 - recently had her fifth baby - a boy! Noah. She has three older boys and a lone girl as well as the newborn Noah! Anyway earlier in the year we vistited them when we were on our February road trip, they live about 6 hours away. I mentioned that I was learning to spin and she have me a bag of the dustiest and dirtiest Alpaca sliver you have ever seen!!!!! I was determined to spin it and - no less to make her something from what I'd spun. I was using a wheel that I had also just been given so I wasn't that familiar with it and I am a BEGINNER!! It was hopelessly overspun. Then I learned to navajo ply using the singles. It was thick, knobbly, still had alpaca dinner adorning it and despite my washing and even felting it still looks that way.

ANYWAY as you can see I succeeded in making something. I began by knitting a tiny blanket for the capsule, frogged that then ended up wit the Traumatic Felted Teddy. The cream stripes are my handspun. I'm sending it off today. Bizarre is the only word for it! I guess not everything has to be a masterpiece....

Congratulations Kirst and Trent and Welcome to the world Noah!